I found god again thanks to all you wonderful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I put up a blog about my grammas passing and I got so many encouraging comments.Today i woke up and the first thing I did was pray and talk to my gramma i felt so good today.I actually smiled and laughed without faking the day seemed so bright and gorgeous.It was the first time I talked to god since my gramma got sick.I opened my windows and curtains more than i usally do to let god into my house and it felt good.Even though i havent greeved yet.I know im gonna be ok.Everyone on this site who left comments just reminded me and I thank you all.Im so glad I found this site its so helpful.I know the days gonna come sooner or later that ill grieve but im not worried about that right now because im gonna take it day by day.Did you know when my gramma got more sick she didnt want me around no more she told my popa and all my family members she didnt want me there and to keep me away.I felt like she didnt love me but my popa told me they had a heart to heart and she simply said "I dont want my baby my granddaughter to see me in pain and suffering itll be to hard on her" but i dont listen and I kept goin to see her and just with all the comments I got i relized how much she loved me And god answered my prayers in the weirdest sadest way by taking her home and out of her suffering and i relized that by the comments especially the one that said god didnt do this to my gramma.But i had a long wonderful day to think about everything and she made me this strong person I am today.Thank you gramma.Thank you all for the comments.I hope tomarrow is as good as today.Thank you


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Comment by Lorraine A. Molyneaux on April 22, 2011 at 7:38pm
I've read your posts and I thank you for sharing your story.  Your Grandma did a fine job with you and you are carring on the faith of your Grandma Danielle.  In October of last year I went to a local hospital to pray for people who wanted prayer.  In one of the rooms there was a lady and I could see that she was near death, I prayed with her.  In the bed beside her there was another lady in her late 80's who lay very still and frail in her bed, listless, I looked down at her and asked if she would like me to pray for her, suddenly her eyes lit up and she smiled and said yes..  I sat on her bed beside her and began to pray for her when all of a sudden she began to weep.  I stopped praying and just sat quietly beside her and this is what she said "I didn't do what my Lord and Savior told me to do, he told me to tell others what I saw and heard" and she was very distraught.  I told her that it was not too late.  I also told her that I am a Missionary to the First Nations peoples in Northern Canada and the 700 Club has been a great help to me, I send videos and monthly updates to the 700 Club in Canada and told her that I would come back and video tape her "testimony", thus enabling her to do what the Lord had told her to do......  Danielle, there are no coincidences with the Lord.......  This precious woman whom I met in the hospital had a real life encounter with the living Lord Jesus during a death experience in another hospital 40 years before I met her.  She was afraid that people would not believe her so she kept silent, untill the day that I came to this hospital.  The Lord showed her heaven and she discribes it in vivid detail and she told me that the Lord assured her that when it was time for her to leave this earthly life he would himself come to bring her home to be with him.  Shortly after taking this video, the Lord did take her home and she was ready and waiting for him.  I will always remember this precious lady and especially the words of comfort she gave for those who are nearing death or losing a loved one -- this is what she said "If you only knew where they are -- you would not want them back here -- it's so beautiful up there".   Keep the faith, Danielle and one day, precious one, you too will join your Grandma up there....
Comment by Trace C. on April 14, 2011 at 7:49pm

I'm so happy for you Danielle. Just keep being the strong woman God created you to be. You can make it through anything with God's help and guidance. :)

Comment by John Barbour on April 14, 2011 at 7:14pm
It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord and to others.  Keep your thankful heart. Remember the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19)

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