I Walked Away (A Work of Faith)

Two days ago I walked away from my position at a Church.  This action was totally against my nature as I am one who loves security and routine.  For many months I have had a pressing from the Lord to go… It was a constant phrase that ran through my head…. “Teresa you need to go… get out of the way.”  I would reason… “I will next week.”  “I will next month.”  “I will next Year.”   But it finally came down to a moment of reality that I had been walking a line which caused me to see that I was compromising my belief system, my integrity and Gods will in my life.

I was surround by turmoil in this environment for the past few years…. There were days it was like a war zone and I was trying to stay out of the line of fire…  So I walked away without a plan without a net…

The words that run through my thoughts each and every day these past few months is, “Trust Me, be still and do not fret.” There is an amazing peace that comes along side these words.

Looking back at my life I have seen God’s plan weaved all through my life…. so as I look to the future and what the Lord has in store I will be working on trusting and seeking God’s will…. And being still as he works…

I am looking at it as a work of faith….

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Comment by Terriann Winiarz on May 12, 2013 at 7:00am

Hi Nice Name you have from another Teresa Winnipeg Canada

When I am unsure as I have been with looking for good enjoyable fulltime work--or my relationship or what to wear from all I have in my closet--I pray or communicate with God, Jesus my Saints who are listening; then Like I am on Air feeling-I am doing what I am suppose to so Natural not sure why-but it feels right as It must be God's direction in response!  However, we cannot control anything or other people only ourselves and your desire on what you want to do! 


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