Allow me to attempt an illustration of what it means to be IN Christ and on the way to heaven. Allegorically speaking, you're about to enter your Dad's car... you get in and you close the door.  At the wheel is your Dad. You are entrusting your very life into his capable hands. It is his responsibility to make sure both you and him will arrive safely to the destination ahead. 
    Even though this may be a poor example based on the driver, the point is crystal clear nevertheless. Ready? OK.... I can remember as a young boy getting into my step Dad's car. Never once did I concern myself with what was to happen once I entered the car and he drove off. He was at the wheel and I never worried about how he would get to where we were going. It was all in his hands. Although I can remember riding on top of his 1962 Chevy Biscayne on a service road running parallel to the railroad tracks at an unsafe speed in Chenango Bridge, New York. ( He probably would have been arrested today for that incident) Well, that's neither here nor there...besides that was outside of the car not inside..LOL!! 

      Anyway, getting back to my allegory. Figuratively as it may needs be, my step dad is the Father in heaven. The car is Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is all that makes the car go in motion in order to get us there. In order for me to ride my way to heaven it is mandatory that I get into the car much like Noah had to get into the ark ( a type of Christ). You see, once I was IN THE CAR, the rest was up to my step dad. It really didn't matter if there were high speeds, low speeds, fender benders,bumps, curves, or detours along the way.  Were there? You betcha! Just go back a few lines and you probably could see that. In fact he would say: " it's not those who speed that cause accidents, it's the ones that go to slow". He had no tolerance for pokes. Thanks be to God my heavenly Father is at the wheel and with Him there are no ifs, ands, buts, or whys?  The destination from the moment we enter INTO Christ; the moment we open the door to the car if you will, is as sure as the one driving and I might add the car is not a rust bucket with 250,00 miles on it either. That car you and I are riding in is the Lord of glory risen from the dead ever living to make "intercession for us". Romans 8:32 That car will not suddenly run out of gas; stall at the red light. Nor will it ever break down. The Father at the wheel has everything in order, He knows exactly what He is doing and where He is going....and may I be allowed to say that it really doesn't matter when we foolishly offer our advice as to where to take that next turn that is up ahead. He will listen to us but continue to take you and I on the road that He chooses for us whether an open highway or a dreaded city street filled with annoying red lights. Our job is to sit back and enjoy the ride doing nothing but what He says! Have you ever driven a vehicle and you had the displeasure of a back seat driver telling you which way to go or even correcting you on your driving? Not much fun is it. Unlike us, the Father in heaven does NOT pull over to the side of the road and open the door and let such a one OUT of the car. NO! NO! NO!. He is ever so patient with us. We may say:'daddy, are we ever going to get there? I'm tired of riding'. He responds by saying:' just a few miles more my son'.
     To be IN CHRIST is to be on the road to heaven. To be OUTSIDE of Christ is to be a passenger in my step dad's car. My step dad's car has been decaying for years now and my step dad is no longer at the wheel . My Father's car is very much alive and well and will never decay for He is the eternal risen Christ ! My question is have you opened the door, Jesus Christ? Are you IN CHRIST? If you too would like to ride the highway to heaven you must get inside the spiritual car Jesus Christ. Here's how.

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