All is silent only sound of clock or furnace

Maybe a snore or two or the cuddly cat as she quietly snuggles up under covers a loving purr begins

In my noisy days on the phones at work

My love for sound of music singing hearing bands on radio or live

Traffic noise everyday on the busy street to and from work or where ever

I learned to enjoy more inner peace quiet I c an never get enough

Love the silence in the house to at the forest in the parks

Listening to and watching the sounds of nature including the crispy squeaky sound walking on the fresh snow!

As I enjoy the quiet in the house the early morning after a good sleep-

Finally after having a busy ongoing mind with multiple thoughts and worries for so long

I have come closer to God’s Son |Jesus with help of Emotions Anonymous and a lot of soul searching

I have come to enjoy Peace of Mind even when it is hectic where I journal share readings every morning and to my guardian angels; how I use to feel this was so silly as I had less faith and now I have learned to understand. Let Go let God-One day at a Time for the love each day and I pray for all to be okay in this fast forward makes me punch clocks even when already there working!

So much to be thankful for especially I enjoy the Wee Hours of the New Day-Quiet is when I feel peace and can hear my higher spirit-good advice love of Jesus or I hope my Father in heaven! Everything is  Beautiful in ‘Its own way as song goes’ not so nice world—I am sharing an inner peaceful joy! Amen—Sincerely Terriann written 01-10-2017

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