Just one of the blessings that I have received from God

I would just like to say that today is EIGHT MONTHS of being smoke free and its all due to my Great Heavenly Father, my King. I tried many different things to quit smoking but to no avail, God apparently saw my need for his help and heard my cries and stepped in and said," You can't do it yourself, so I am going to help you." And indeed he did just that, it wasn't an easy road at first but its a lot easier now. I pray that someone will be helped through my testimony. I laid in the hospital for four excruiating days of pain, I was so bad that they wanted to call an ambulance to take me from the doctor's office to the hospital, which is only thirteen miles away. We refused that, but when I arrived at the hospital my breathing was so bad they immediately put me on oxygen, and thats the way I laid for those four painful days. I was very blessed that My God loved me so much that he took care of me cause I couldn't take care of myself. Your oxygen level is supposed to be between 90-100, on a scale that they use. The day I was supposed to go home it was only 83,way below average, so I had to come home on oxygen. I lived like that for three days at home like that, I would like to call this one lady (if u will), my Guardian Angel, she told me about her brother that had been in the same boat as me, and how he decided that no matter what the doctor's thought, he was going to take the oxygen off and live without, and trust his faith in God to keep him alive and going. It worked for him and it worked for me and Praise God I am no longer on it. After three days of being on it when I came home I took it off and haven't been on it since, that was eight months ago. A week after I was home from the hospital I went to the doctor and my oxygen level was 92, and kept climbing from there. It wasn't easy when I came home. I still had medicine to take, nebulizer treatments to take, and depression to overcome. What they found when I was in the hospital was I had caught a cold from my husband and it triggered an emphysema attack. If it hadn't have been for my Dear Lord and Saviour, and a Dear Christian Husband he has given me, and Loving Children I never would have made it. Maybe some of you are saying oh no, not another blog from her, but I am telling you my friend I just thought I would have to share what was on my heart, and I sincerely hope that my testimony helps someone. I also want to say what Loving and Great Website this is, to be able to let our feelings out, and for those who listen, and want to give feedback. I Love My Lord and I have thanked Him everyday for keeping me healthy and smokefree. AMEN! Eight months later I am still smoke free have put on some weight, and I can honestly say I feel good. Thank u Lord!!!!!!!

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Comment by Janie Toohey on July 6, 2011 at 1:52pm
Thats fantastic! Praise the Lord! I will pray that the Lord continues to strengthen you through this trial

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