Life is Beautiful and Difficult the unknown

God helps to enjoy so many natural nice things in life

At the same time it is difficult when the ugly signs of Cancer hit

So Many unknown but good treatments but complicated when you don't understand, and there is so much to read.

Lots of advice we keep positive as my husband faces the challenges and tests-match Bone Marrow, MRI, scans etc

How to be strong is when I pray to God/Jesus for hope, direction.

God Knows the answers; free the person from pain when all options are used

I may go broke trying to cope with no job low income to drained bank accounts 

No matter what the bills don't go away-I pray to help me be strong it won't be long 

I hope as we cope where life is still delicate nice I wish and pray to all coping with the 

Beautiful Life to the Difficult unknown-of hardship, to relief to recover or ease the pain; when it is too much!

I feel alone, frighten but I know God Jesus and Angels are with me; why I share here now!

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