I got graduated from college, got married, got a teaching job, bought a house and am lost.  I know I have a good life, but things went down hill.  I have been depressed for two years.  My husband and I don't see eye to eye.  I was a very strong christian, and lately I find my self believing that maybe I was wrong all these years.  I grew up in a catholic church and HATED it.  I knew there was a god but that was about it.  My friends in highschool took me to youth group events, I went to everything... I went to a ton of christian events, and finally it clicked and I was saved at the age of 19...  Since then i married a person who have no faith period... I still kept my faith... The past 3 years I listend to nothing but christian music... I never attended church because i had noone to go with and we moved away from my friends....  I recently met a friend that invited me to her church with her family (she is much older in her 40's i am 28)  I enjoyed it but left everyweek feeling like giving up my faith... mostly becasue i come home and get made fun of for going ot church....   I am having huge depression issues... Suicidal and lost... The only thing that has kept me alive is the fact that I know that it is a sin... I didn't go to church today and feel like it is best for me to not go back and to just stop believing.  My friend asked where i was and told me she missed me at church but i refuse to tell her what is going on... I am so lost I don't know what to do... I feel like I need someone to talk to but I have no friends becasue i push them away. Please help

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Comment by Sandy T on February 23, 2012 at 7:56am

Renee....did you talk w/your friend?  I hope so.  YOU ARE LOVED..God made you..never, ever forget that.  I hope to hear that you talked to your friend and went to church soon....be encouraged in the Lord..He will give you His joy..his strength..you can't come up w/this on your own....He is showing you at this time in your life how much you really need Him....you are listening to Him or you wouldn't be on this site either:-)  I love you as your sister in the Lord and am praying for you and look forward to sharing w/you about what God has done in my life and in the lives of those around me.....please be in touch soon..God bless you..oh...if you'd like to talk on the phone...I'm available...Love, Sandy

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