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Love Has Too Many Places to Hide


Being single today is not as easy as it seems

We carry out everything all on our own

Feeling so good doing what we want so proud

We love our independence responsibilities being free!


Finding that special someone isn’t easy for everyone

Too many conditions stand in the way

How a person should look, act or whatever

I am sure cupid says there is an easier way to find that special “right one”!


How does a single good person find real love?

Does it come along when I am not looking?

Do I close my eyes and trust the guy I just met with a kiss?

Keep open-minded and until nature takes place?  Let Chemistry talk or go home or staying alone?


Love is in my heart I am old fashioned unconditional

Love is trusting, patient and kind. Love me for who I am

Finding love these days is so insensitive artificial too many dating clubs

So I remove my fear, to open up my heart.

Hopefully real caring passion will find me

Love me Please like the birds and the bees!

“Love Me Do”

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Comment by Terriann Winiarz on June 25, 2017 at 7:51pm

I revised this but this may be 2 copies

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