March 25, 2012 - Only for My Glory - Because of My Grace - Kerrie E. Bradshaw


The storms of life are gathering, the darkness increasing, but it is only temporary my child for soon the sun will shine again and you will emerge from the hiding place of my wings into the dawn of a new day.  Through the enemy rages and the wind blows and the water threatens to overtake you.  It is only a threat, designed to make you fear.  Be secure in yourself, be secure in me to give an answer to the wind and the waves and those who rise up against you and sometimes that answer is silence.  Vengeance is mine says the Lord.  You owe no man an explanation for why you obeyed me.  As a soft answer turns away wrath, silence can speak volumes.  Silence turns the battle around; their mind begins to run wild with excuses and explanations, guilt and conviction.  Silence allows for introspection and you are not drawn into a battle you were not meant to fight.  You are not Holy Spirit.  The rain falls and the winds blow through your life but it allows a cleansing to take place, to allow for new growth.  As spring approaches and the grass that was dry and withered comes back to life, as the plants and trees begin to grow new leaves and the flowers begin to bloom, so will you in due season.  As what was dormant springs back to life, seeds long forgotten resurrect in me.  The old becomes new, the dead arise.  The truth emerges from the shadows of your heart, mind and life, and you see with eyes of angels, for behold I do a new thing, to bring restoration and life, for my glory.  To God is the glory, you will shout, when the transition is complete and you are perfectly positioned in that place called there, where I wanted you all along.  You did not know how you would get there, but suddenly you will be there, and it will be only for my glory and because of my grace.  I will cancel out the bad decisions you have made and the pain you have endured on behalf of the bad decisions of others, that you loved but betrayed you.  For I love you my child and grace and favor, one touch from the God your king and behold I make all things new. 

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