I had heard many things about this movie so my wife and I went to see it. This movie is so off base from God's word that it is not even laughable, just sad to see such liberalities taken. There are many unbelievable scenes to this movie, but when rock monsters come to help Noah build the ark we were left speechless. We would not recommend that anyone should see this movie. It is very dark in nature as Noah task is to make sure that there are not any human beings alive when the flood is over and that only animals survive because they are the only good that exist.            Our GOD created us in His image therefore we do not believe he would not want us to exist anymore. This is humble opinion, but Gods word is not to be altered.

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Comment by Dallas Haines on April 27, 2014 at 5:06pm

Dale I too have heard a lot of adverse publicity about the film Noah.How can they make a two hour Bible movie and not mention the word God in the script once. We were going to see it, but when we got to the picture theatre we changed our mind and saw The Muppett Movie  - glad we did !!

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