I  would just like to share with you how my Mother's Day weekend went, hectic, busy, but very fun. I am temporarily laid off until the end of June so I decided I am going to take this time to do some work at home but also to have some fun. So,  I heard of the Mother-in Daughter banquet they were having locally and invited my stepdaughter, daughter-in-law, and soon to be daughter-in-law and two of my little grandaughters to go. My stepdaughter had to work but she allowed us to keep our grandaughter for the weekend. So the rest of us went and had a splendid time. While we were gone our two oldest sons (not biologically mine, but in my heart n mind our kids r all mine as well), came and visited with my husband, and helped him with some odd jobs. When we arrived home, my husband wanted to keep on working and I asked him as politely as I could to PLEASE, let us enjoy the family while they are all here. He gave in to my plea, and we had a wonderful time, taking pictures, laughing, and visiting. Some had to leave not long after, while some lingered, but what a joy it was. I received candles, flowers, and a plaque, that day (May 7th, Saturday). In return I bought the dinners at the banquet, and got all of us girls,(ladies) t-shirts that all match with something about Mother on them. But more importantly I felt the peace and joy in my heart that only comes from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the blessing that I felt from God for allowing me to be a Mom, and the extra blessing of being a Grandma. What a joy and blessing the gift of family is, we are not a perfect family, we have our ups and downs, but I think the good times we have definitely out weigh the bad. Not to mention how precious the hugs and kisses are from them all. We went to bed that night exhausted, but it wasn't over yet, we still had Mother's Day,(May 8, 2011), to go yet. We woke up the next morning, I called my Mother wished her a Happy Mother's Day, and then my husband, our grandaughter, and I had to get ready and go to my Mother-in-Laws, so we could take her out to breakfast along with Our Eldest Son, and my soon to be Daughter-inLaw. We made it, and like the day before we had good laughter that is good for the soul, plenty of conversation, hugs and kisses. We got my Mother-in-Law a cell phone, after getting that set up for her, we had to hurry back home so we could see my youngest son,before they left to go home. We visited with them, and I received a plant, and hugs from them as well.Again,we went to bed tired. But as I lay there that night after thanking my Good God for all his blessings, I couldn't help but think a couple years earlier I never really wanted to be a Grandma just yet because that would mean a label would be put on me as me being old. But come to find out that was what I thought of myself. God helped me realize what a joy and how precious it is to be a Mom and Grandma, and the importance of family. And also what a joy it is to see the younger generation building on making a family. Not to mention helping them out being able to share in their lives and some of them even asking for advice. The next day I helped my grandaughter sign the little card we had bought for her to give her mom, and helped her put the t-shirt in the gift bag. And all the while doing that and the previous day she would tell us periodically how much she loved her Mommy! It is good to see loved passed on, Thank you God for the wonderful gift.

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