To start I seem to have a renewed faith in myself these days. I feel more confident in my beliefs and just the person that God wants me to be. This has been coming for a while (me just accepting the person I was meant to be). Tonight I write because I'm overjoyed about Bible Study starting back up at my church; although I had to work late I still made it my business to be in the house of the Lord and let my light shine for others in my age group (we tend to hold back from what the Lord is asking of us). Which just so happened to be the topic of our discussion..."What is God calling you to do in the church"...I've never been apart of the small ministries within in my church...but I still feel as though my voice is still being heard loud and clear. I just really enjoy being able to wake up on Sunday morning and have my mind made up that I'm going to church to listen to a message passed from God to my preacher and digested by me! Could that be my ministry...just being active? It's not a whole lot but I do lend a hand or an ear when needed by someone who just needs that someone to be there for them. I like talking to the young adults; those in high school and going off to college because I know their struggles. I'm no genius but I have a pretty good idea what teenagers go through (those questions they feel uncomfortable talking about with someone else). I love people much differently than how the average person does (it may be only something that I understand). But I'm going to continue to communicate with God and see if he and I can figure out my ultimate purpose in my home church!


Single Lady signing off for now :)

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