I first met Keith when we were young, he was 13 I was 12. We lived in the same county in the 70's. We would see each other occasionally in different places usually a party with other kids, we hung in the same circle of friends at times. Then when he was 15 he moved back to Philly. He would come back to town on occassion so I saw him around. Then when he was 18, me 17 he was boarding a bus to Housten to join the Army.That was the last time I saw him, 35 years later he finds my sister on classmates.com and asks about me.This was in Feb "09 "I had recently divorced after a 28 yr marriage.  He lived in NJ and was taking care of his mother. I lived in MD and was taking care of mine. We met up again in May of 09. 3 weeks after we met, Keith had a bowel obstruction and when they went in to do the surgery they found a mass in his colon. So, here I meet this guy and ask GOD, is this the path you want me to take. I felt like there had to be a purpose in us being together. My desire is to give God the Glory with my life. So here we are in the beginning of a relationship with colon cancer and I do not even know the whole story with this man. More later 

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Comment by judy flowers on January 11, 2012 at 9:20am

I guess I should add some more to the story. We spent the summer together, it was then I started learning more about this man's life and the addictions that have consumed him for most of his life(since he was about 13). He had an illostomy so it was very embarrasing for him. We continued to spend time with each other as much as possible. I fell in love with him, so began the rollercoaster ride relationship. In July he asked me to marry him, I said yes. Again I felt there was purpose and claimed Rom 8:28.

In Sept they removed the cancer and reconnected the colon, the Dr. said they got all the cancer and did not recommend any chemo. Keith recovered slowly but did, He has been addicted to percosets for a few years. He hid this from me for awhile til I realized what was really going on. We talked and prayed and he said he wanted to get"off" the drugs and cigarettes and live wholly for GOD. I believed him and said I wasn't going to marry him until he was clean. He went through a 10 week outpatient program then into a 30 day inpatient at a VA hospital in Feb/March 2010. He went back to NJ to continue to help his mom. I did not know that he got right back on the percs, because he had 2 Dr's up there that would write the scrips and his mother had a plethera of drugs to share.

Since we only saw each other I was ignorant to the truth, so we continued to plan on getting married. About 10 days before we were to get married we had a serious issue and actually called it off, but patched it up so we went forward. The day before we were to be married, Keith found out the cancer was back, I told him I was "in" because I believed GOD had a plan. So, we married the end of May.

Even after getting married I still did not "see" the deception. Keith had to go back and froth from MD to NJ as his mom was very ill. In Aug he started Chemo here in MD, the Dr here did not know the extent of the addiction initially. He wrote prescriptions for oxycodone, because Keith said he was in pain.

I should back up here a min, because I believe Keith does have some neck and back pain, as he was hit by a drunk driver in 2008 while out walking. Hence, the beginning of the perc. addiction.

It got to the point where I had to have control of the prescription and Keith was none to happy about that. Fast fwd to Oct after 2 series of Chemo, we went to a healing service and the next CT scan showed no growth of the cancer. But Keith was still on the oxy's. He went into a methadone program for 6 days then tried to get the cancer Dr. to write him a prescription and the Dr said no.

In Nov the evening of Thanksgiving, Keith caught a bus to NJ and decided to stay with his mom. I went to visit on Christmas. Both our mom's were very frail and we both knew they would be leaving this earth soon. My ex's mother was now also very sic and on Jan 14 she went to be with the Lord. That Wed, Keith called and said his mom was spitting up blood, so I left that afternoon to be with him. On Fri morn the 21st, his mom passed into eternity, so I lost 2 mother in-laws in a week.

Then he came back home and said he would get help. He went back into a outpatient suboxone program the first week of Feb of 2011. I will finish later

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