Phishing Protection And Site Takedown

Phishing Attacks

The phishing attack is the practice done by many hackers. Phishing is an activity of getting personal information about the company and using that information for several malicious reasons. The phishing attacks had been costing millions to the businesses as their personal information is stolen and then used for the malicious reasons. The phishing attack is normally done to get the personal information of the company including their passwords, bank details and pin codes etc. The hackers or the phishing attackers could use that information for illegal or malicious purposes as well.

Traditional or General Phishing

Traditional phishing is the practice of sending electronic mails to the members of company in order to get the personal information like bank account details, passwords, pin codes or any other sensitive information. In this type of phishing the attacker would disguise himself as executive or any higher authority of the company and would steal the personal information of the company by the help of electronic mail. The attacker would disguise himself as a trustworthy entity of the company and would try to steal the sensitive and personal information of the company. After stealing the information is used for the several malicious purposes. Traditional phishing or general phishing includes contacting large group of people.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is just like traditional or general phishing. Only difference is that where in general phishing the attacker contact several people or a group of people in spear phishing the attack is targeted to the receiver. The spear attack is done to get the personal information of the receiver. With the help of phishing attack the attacker trick the receiver of the electronic mail to give over their personal information. The unauthorized access to the personal and sensitive information is the main motive of sphere phishing.

Phishing Protection

There are so many organizations like Fraudwatch International which had developed products and software to prevent phishing attacks. The phishing attacks are in need to be prevented in order to secure you’re the personal and professional information of individuals. The phishing site takedown is another option to immediately get rid of the phishing attack. In case you got to know about the phishing attack on your organization, you need to get the phishing site takedown services to prevent further information from going to the unauthorized hands. The information could be used for illegal and malicious reasons.

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