Request Prayer for Friends of mine at Church

I was at my doctor's office registering for my appointment after I had parked my vehicle outside. Right after a middle-aged man came in gave a description of my vehicle, and asked who owned it. I let him know it was mine. (After all it is brandnew, 2011 Jeep) so naturally I am quite proud. He informed me that a elderly gentleman had just ran into the front of it. Of course I was very upset, so I did what anyone else would do, called the cops, and took down certain information. Called my husband and his son to come and see if it was driveable. All this time being angry at the elderly gentleman for what he had done. Although angry, deep down I was very glad that the elderly gentleman, I , or anyone else got hurt. We got things taken care of with the cops, but I was still feeling sorry for myself until my dear God stepped in and just let me know just how fortunate I was, and that he still watches over me. Awhile after I arrived home I received a phone call from one of my Christian Sisters at Church, (she is on the Prayer Chain with my husband and I), letting me know that we needed to Pray for another Christian Couple at our Church, who are very dear to us. The Man has leukemia, and has not been doing very well lately. From what I understand they were on their way to one of his treatments when they were in a car wreck, he was okay, but they had to pull his wife out with the jaws of life, and from what I understand her face was so bad that they will have to do plastic surgery on it. My point in all of this is that I realize how selfish I acted when my jeep got hit by the elderly gentleman that day. I had very bad judgment and let something material seem more important to me. I am glad that God reminded me that when we feel we are in a bad situation, there is always someone else that has it worse than we do. Please say a Prayer for my Friends I have at Church as I have been doing all week. May God help us all KEEP THE FAITH, Thank you!!!

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