While they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”        Acts 13:2


Brothers and Sisters pursuing our Great God,


God wants more than your service, more than your best and more than you’re your sacrifice. God wants you! You are to be set apart unto the Holy Spirit. Put your name in this verse, “Set apart for Me ____________for the work to which I have called them.” We have a covenant calling with the living God. All are called to pray first and foremost.


How often we delay an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father, because we are busy serving Him. Even our ‘work’ interferes with His command to separate us to the Holy Spirit. He wants so much more…  

hear the words of Andrew Murray: I am sure there are workers who often cry to God for the Holy Spirit to come upon them as a Spirit of power for their work, and when they feel that measure of power, and get blessing, they thank God for it. But God wants something more and something higher. God wants us to seek for the Holy Spirit as a Spirit of power in our own heart and life, to conquer self and cast out sin, and to work the blessed and beautiful image of Jesus into us.”


What is the difference between the power of the Spirit as a gift and the power of the Spirit for the grace of a holy life? Is my work just the means of conversion? (only because God’s word will not return void) But in truth it will never help anyone to a higher standard of grace and holiness? God forbid! For then, I am not yet separated to the Holy Spirit. The crux is, separation to the Holy Spirit requires dying! Our old sin nature avoids this at any cost. Our OSN can be comfortable serving in church, singing in the choir, teaching a S.S. class and will fool a majority of people, but at what cost?  Incalculable!


Many separated from the world Christians are not separated from themselves!


Remember when God has given you little holy sweetness’s too precious to even share with others. This ‘holy’ is born of time at His feet and time in His word and prayer. To hear His voice we must hear His word. To speak His language we must believe His word and absorb it until it fills us to overflowing.


Abba, Daddy, You who call us to be separated unto You and see in our heart our great longing to be like You, have provided a way to ‘know’ you, beyond my understanding, beyond salvation truths, so that You are Lord of my life. I pray You will Rule over me by Your Holy Spirit, have supremacy over my thoughts, and all that I am. I want to know a holy intimacy by Your Spirit. I do not want to miss anything You have for me. You are God and I long for You. In His name I pray and praise.


I have been moved deeply this week by His gentle touches and loving provision! God’s faithfulness has thrown me to my knees in wonder, as His Presence fills me with fear and reverence. He allowed me to be sensitive to His working in me, albeit because of the Holy Spirit’s presence there was revealed in me that which is vile and fleshly. As His sweet Presence worked repentance in me I found myself on my face before His throne, there under His wings, there under His pinions hidden in the shadows, I found refuge and cleansing and restoration. He met me there. Where else would I want to be? Brothers and Sisters you are loved and prayed for by Jesus Himself. You are called to be separated unto the Holy Spirit.


Separated unto the Holy Spirit,


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