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Today is Sunday, first day of the new week

Sad when the sun does not shine for such a long time

Bless anyone like me who is generally happy or doing ok

Except a lingering blues feeling is there 

whether is be Slightly or obvious and all the signs are not evident

Sleep too much, over somewhat emotional or cranky or just a chemistry off brings a feeling

I do things that help like long walks, to favourate places, or thing to do!

Sing, laugh, do what lifts me/you--keep busy with a book, reading writing or whatever-never stop what you love!

Being hit the blues-I would rather go sing the blues or your songs-

So glad for simple, easy things to do when you feel the blues--Best to treat yourself Nice!Pray when the Sunshine tomorrow ; I will wish to not have to be at work-but much lifted happy -as God bring

Jesus the son with the Sun to feel refreshed happy again; love the gift so lifting the birds, the bees, flowers-the rain brings the new joy of Spring green again--Spring is really here

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