Sunshine on a Monday !


I awaken Feeling good fresh rested comfortable from a peaceful morning and a nice weekend

Any cloud gloom I feel is replaced by the good feeling inside as I feel Sunshine on a Monday!

Most people feel sad, gloom do not like Mondays the start of a new weekday of work or whatever

Sunshine on a Monday as I rise from bed glad to share feel the moment in my head and mood

God blesses me with each new day nothing really has changed except it is a new day

Moreover, I feel good praying for everyone Joe to feel good Sunshine on a Monday or any day.

What goes on the outside sad stories, whatever troubles?

I feel lifted glad to share Sunshine on a Monday and all my blessings I can count

While God grants me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the wisdom to change what I can make a difference and the Wisdom to know when to make a difference. Let go Let God

Share happiness peacefulness on this Monday and you & I will feel happiness on Sunshine on Mondays to help all week; ‘One day at a time’!

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