Thank you so many times St. Anthony of lost things!

Too many times  to count-ever since my father told me to say prayers to Saint Anthony. When I lost things then I Pray--especially when the item was put away to find or was suppose to be in a convenient location. Most times I realize how items are lost is when I automatically put the item without deep thought.

For example for Christmas I got my husband a Money Gift Card so he could buy what he wanted to avoid me buying wrong thing.I was convinced I had put the Gift Card in my office desk at home in a top drawer somewhere to locate easily! So embarrassing frustrating and true enough on Christmas Day; I could not find the Gift Card anywhere-was so upsetting. Even though He still got other gifts. 

Sure enough as I went to use my Van which was parked all weekend in our garage; I looked down to the console between seats -the Gift Card jumped out at me-under CD's! I realized I left the Card in my Van where I could find it easy--but I forgot it was in the van until I went to work! Talk about instant relief or it occurs if I put something away of where I had planned at first-then change decide without second thought put item to find somewhere else!  Totally blank mind when it is not there! This can take so much time-lose my mind and hard to think straight

If anyone experiences this with lost items or persons--I want to hug Saint Anthony so often for helping me-and the relief from stress of what is lost especially a Christmas gift or Car keys, money, too many items.  As Soon as the item is found-instant thankfulness-a comfort how magically the item appears after endless search in the wrong place!

I had to share this with an open invitation to share back your experience of Losing things-Pray to Saint Anthony-which you can Google to learn more about St. Anthony prayers for finding what is lost including your Peace of Mind!

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