I am passing along a message I read..I DID NOT WRITE THIS..just sharing what Gerald Bergeron wrote

Posted December 16, 2012 by Gerald Bergeron in Religion

The mortgage payment and now the utilities, with hardly enough being left to eat. This is when you start to bow to fear and worry, and pave the way to your own defeat. Will my children still have a future, with all my income in such a mess? Will our failures be their downfall, and a tribute to our own success? What can we do when our hope turns to sadness and our struggle looks only to harm? Is it time for us now to surrender, shall we stand and sound the alarm? If this is what you are living with, and you fear each passing day. Then it is time you started to look up my friend, help is on the way. Every time you start to worry, it is adding unneeded stress. God is waiting with your answer, and He can solve what you claim is a mess. You are not alone in this struggle; He knows all the things that you need. He is already at work in your calamity, and has already deposited the seed. Yet you are the one who decides what is grown, you can choose faith, or nourish your fear. Doubt will always pass by the answer, but faith will bring Gods here. Every time you struggle with worry, replace it with a faithful song. Speak the words of faith and belief, even when everything seems wrong. Take God at His spoken word today, and remember His promises are true. He knows just how you are feeling, and He will open His treasure to you. Sometimes the valley seems to have no escape, and there may seem to be no way out. Never forget that God is with you, so cast aside all doubt. Even if you must trust only His word, just remember that He is your supply. You may not know what He is doing today, but soon you will discover why. Keep all the faith He has given to you, even when trials get too hard to go thru. God will be there when all else fails, Jesus lives and that proves He loves you.

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