"the only Gift tonight" Christmas eve 2012

"the only Gift tonight"  Christmas eve 2012

as this Christmas eve draws to a close, i'm thinking of and praying for those who aren't having the merriest of holidays..for those that are feeling crushed in their spirit, losing their battles and struggles in this world that is getting darker by the day..i'm hoping for those that are feeling lost and aimless, who are stuffing things into that emptiness inside that really only Christ can really fulfill..

i know, because that's been me. that was me.

at times, when i needed someone to reach back when i've reached out..and it's been those times, whether a cold Christmas eve, or a rainy Thanksgiving day, when i've known deep inside that He is the one, the only One, who is not only capable, but always willing to meet the needs of my heart, of our hearts...

so tonight as i think of each of my friends and family scattered across the globe, wherever each of you are, and i prepare to wish you a merry Christmas, i hope beyond hope that you realize the only things that really and truly matter in this life, this short gift of life that each of us have been blessed with..

when i say "God bless us everyone", i really know that he does...

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