Psalm 117: 2 - 4;13 - 15; 22 - 24. 

The verses of today's responsorial psalm are taken from the same psalm that was used in Easter Sunday's liturgy. The use of the same psalm reminds us that the period from Easter Sunday to the second Sunday of Easter forms a single unit, which we call the Easter Octave. Today's liturgy brings to a close eight days of joyous celebration of Christ's resurrection.

While the same psalm is used for both Sundays, the verses differ somewhat for each Sunday.Today, not only the people of Israel, but all who fear the Lord, praise God , whose love has no end. We sense our Easter celebration breaking out and touching all people of good will.

Verse 22 , is however is included on both Sundays. 'The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,'. In the preaching of the early church this verse was frequently applied to Christ , who was rejected by the religious experts of Israel, but proved to be the foundation stone of the new people of God.  (Matthew 21:42, Acts 4: 11 and 1 Peter 2: 7-8)

The verse reminds us to be wary of the stones we reject in our own lives. Perhaps there are some people who have chosen to reject. Perhaps there are aspects of ourselves that we consider worthless. In rejecting these , we may be rejecting something that is precious.  The risen Christ's first commission to his apostles was to forgive.  The season of Easter is not a time for rejecting but a time for forgiving. Forgiveness may prove to be the keystone on which we can build our lives.

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