I am really pleading for help to anyone who has the ability or means to help my daughter and grandsons. Please pray and see if God would lead you to be His hands.

My daughter is a single mom of 4 boys. She just recently lost her house. She has applied for a job and waiting to hear back. Her boys are 14 yrs., 10 yrs., 14 months and 3 months. DFACS was going to put them in foster care because she had no where to live. I stepped in and said she could stay with me until the end of December or first of this year. My landlord has just informed me that no one is allowed to live with me according to our lease agreement. Even before he told me this, I was going to have to tell her she couldn't stay any longer because I am too stressed and tired having them in my house. If she doesn't find a place by 1/10, then DFACS will take the children. Her truck is a piece of junk. It continually breaks down, has bad tires, and no heat which makes it very difficult to transport babies in. All I am asking is if anyone who reads this can help her for a temporary time with shelter, and if anyone could help her with her truck, my eternal thanks will be yours. I am about to be 69 and my income is limited because of having to assist her and the children. Also, I am getting ready to retire from my job and will be seeking other living arrangements for myself. Thank you and God bless you. My name is Gloria, 678-777-7009.

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Comment by Micki McDougall on March 17, 2018 at 8:29pm

i live in c anada but I pray now for God to send you immediate help. Amen. Mark 11:23

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