My name is Lucy Santiago. I just turned 20 years old. I'm new to this. I guess new to accepting God into my life at least I'm trying to. I'm getting back into school to work as a certified nursing assistant and finally turning my life around. I really want to embrace the Lord in my life and i feel like every time I'm close he leaves me alone. Or maybe it is i leaving him. I do know its because of him i realized i need to turn my life around and do something with myself. but why does he not give my mother the faith in me that i feel like im trying to gain for him. why does my own flesh and blood doubt and think the worse of me. i'm not strong enough to do this on my own. i need him more then ever i hope its never to late because i've fallen and i cant get back up on my own i need his guidance i want to accept him in my life i just feel maybe he doesnt accept me i know i've made mistakes but im learning. and i think thats what he wants for me to learn im sorry it took so long. and like i said i hope its not to late and he can accept me. and give me the strength to go towards the right path. A promise i want to make to God is i will never give up and i will always try because i know even tho i feel alone and the world has given up on me he hasn't. I've learned to forgive and love. Love not only others and God, but myself as well. I feel that's a start

I've been listening to K heart for about two months now i was skimming through stations and stumbled on k heart while my next breath by Hawk Nelson was on and i realized im not alone in all my struggles God is right there with me giving me a new start. a door opened for me that day and im ready to open the next that god has for me


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