Trying to find God's purpose in my life

I am in a marrige that is no longer a marrige. And with no way out. He is with another women. And we share the house we live together and we don't. I believe in God's word that it is truth. The choices and decisions we make in our life affect our future. God says we sow what we reap how true that is.

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Comment by lise neville on October 6, 2013 at 7:50pm


why do you say there is "no way out"?

Is your husband a Christian? If he is maybe try sharing the truth about adultery with him (there's a lot about it in proverbs)  If not then you made have to decide if you want to forgive or to leave the marriage. The bible does give biblical reasons for divorce, one of which is adultery.

The choices we make do certainly affect our future, lucky  for us we have a God who is abounding in grace and mercy. No matter how bad we screw things up He is still there loving us and willing to help us out of our hole we've dug for ourselves.  There may still be consequences for our actions but He will help us thru them, if we ask.

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