Whether we like it or not and even have fun with it
So often these days in order to access your favorite website, MS word file, setting up programs and links
We must Set up passwords, username-ID, remember even write down your information for next time you sign in? I often use one main username or email address; yet I have a couple of variations of my name-my yahoo or via my server?

Nine times of ten-even when you write down your info-and depending on what device you use
Somehow your information you noted-even when you know your email or userid? Somehow you are blocked cannot get in? So much time is spent resetting-getting codes for Messenger, Facebook, Bank accounts, the hardest is companies you apply for jobs-you must set up an account or start all over again! Sometimes you lose interest in the reason you needed or wanted to get into these sites.

It is a security tight world so hard when it is your information; when you allow Google Chrome to remember your passwords, etc. Doesn't help as it remembers then you are stuck-which password is it?
I have too many-but I try to use same code name but for which website or was it via mobile device?

It is frustrating but just the way it is when you access websites, so many devices, codes to remember or write down; feel like a clown with a frown can make me down or mad until you get in again!  
Oh God there must be a better way! Enjoy you day find your way !

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