I would like for you to go with me on a journey.

It is a journey of the mind and heart. I would like to tell

you a story. It's a story that inspires my songwriting.

There once was this Invisible, Awesome Being, lets call

Him God,who created everything and everyone. He had a

desire to have a relationship with people. He wanted them

to know who He was and what He was like. So He chose

a relatively small people group and preformed some

amazing feats against the people that had them oppressed.

He wanted to show them His love and to dwell among

them. He told them how He expected them to live and act,

putting Him first and treating each other with honesty and

integrity. He had them build Him a throne room (a special

tent) and a throne,(an ark) from where He could rule and

interact with them.

As they wandered through the wilderness toward their

promised land, they would carry His tent and throne with

them. When they got to their promised land, God,continued

to rule and direct them through His chosen priests and

leaders. When the people were oppressed, God's throne,

the Ark, would go out ahead of them. As long as the people

showed devotion, by worshiping and obedience, God would

go before them and fight their battles. But in time their love

and devotion turned into ritual and they forgot the God who

loved them. As their love for Him grew cold, God no longer

went out before them, even though they carried His Ark.

Nor did He fight their battles for them.

Many centuries went by and God still desired to have

fellowship with man. He also intended to follow His plan

of using His people to show the nations His love. When the

time was just right, God came down, born of a woman, and

lived as a man. He was born into His people, who were oppressed

by a great nation and their lack of devotion to Him. He grew

in favor and into adulthood. He lived a pure and faultless life..

But, the leaders of His people were jealous of Him, because

of the people's love of Him and His with which He taught

the people. So the leaders plotted and had Him killed by the

governing authority. But the amazing thing of the story is

God's love for people was so great that the grave could not

hold Him, after 3 days in the grave, He arose in body and


Here's the really amazing thing about my story. This God

loves individual people so much that He wants to live

with those who are devoted to Him and obey His commands.

His commands are; be devoted to Him in love, love other in

integrity and honesty, and to serve others interest above your

own in love.

This is my story, the one that inspires my life and art.

What is your story?
Perry G Walp

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