OK gang, here's where things stand:    I've been undergoing chemo for almost 7 months and there's been no appreciable change in the size of the many tumors on my bones.   At last check there were 3 or 3 on my femurs (thighbones),  a rather large one on my clavicle (collarbone) and 2 or 3 small ones they spotted at the last CT scan located near, but not touching my kidney.     The biggest one is the one on my spinal column...   it's literally wrapped around it, which makes removing it surgically not an option.    

We did sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) form a few weeks ago, because they were able to ascertain that the numbness and tingling in my legs and left arm were due to the spinal tumor growing denser and "squeezing" the nerves in my spine.    Basically all of our nerves are located there and I was told that eventually, it would affect my heart and/or my lungs, so if I didn't want to be tethered to a machine or kept alive artificially, that I'd better get a DNR order in place.... "WHERE DO I SIGN?"    LOL!!

The doc said he's not going to put me through any more chemotherapy or radiation treatments because I'm more concerned with quality of life at this point!   My cancer, according to him is 4th stage or end stage.    There simply isn't any more that they can do except try to monitor it with the occasional scan.   They also can't give me any kind of definite prognosis.    Could be tonight?  
Could be a year from now.   

They are much more concerned with the WHEN then I am.....I'm content to leave it where it's always been....in the Father's Hands, while I continue to do what I've been doing all along....which is work as hard as I can as fast as I can to spread His Gospel, His message & the mission He's given me to show the world what it looks like when a Christian with strong faith faces the whole death and dying thing.       

The doctors are also totally baffled by the fact that I'm not in any pain.   Granted, the numbness and tingling are annoying, but not painful.   As long as I can hold a microphone, strum a guitar and type?   I'm in good shape!    They keep saying it's not possible that I'm not having pain....and they won't listen to MY explanation so let them run in circles trying to figure it out!!  LOL!!!      WE know it's because God 
simply isn't done with me yet....I have more to do before I leave and obviously serious pain would interfere so He's keeping it at bay.

So that's where things stand.....I'll post another update at the end of July when 
they do the next CT scan, but until then?  Just keep me in prayer for grace, strength and endurance so I can finish this race successfully and bring GLORY to the One Who died rather than live without us!!    

   If you're local?  Come see me!!   If you're not?  Shoot me an email and either way?  Be sure to sign up and read my new blog!!  The link is over on my website www.dustysfrontporch.com 

Do your best to stay like me:   HEAVEN-bound and GLORY-minded!

Love Dusty 

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