This morning as I woke up my kids we lay in bed just enjoying our time before I go to work. I looked at my youngest and ask him "where is Christmas?" He looks at me and gives me his sweet angelic and says " silly mommy Christmas is in the sky". I looked at him and said."what" he says " its in the sky" and gets up anf goes play. As I started gettimg ready for the day I kept thinking about my sons answer. I thought how true is it that Christmas is in the sky. Everyday waking up to see and hear the angels singing and being an angel ourselves. Everyday knowing how blessed we are to be in a beautiful amazing holy place. To see everyone we have lost and loved to feel loved everyday. So magnificent to be there. And to know we are home with our Father. How true that Christmas is everyday in the sky (heaven). Oh never amazes me how my kids open my eyes everyday.

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