Does pain serve a purpose?

Why Pain

apply,businesses,competitions,competitive,faces,feet,Fotolia,goatees,grimaces,heads,hurts,men,painful,pains,Photographs,pinches,pressures,squeezes,stress,works Does pain serve a purpose? What causes us to feel pain? When I speak of pain and suffering,
what feelings does that evoke in you? The young toddler was about to place his tender hand on the hot stove. His mother grabbed  him and yelled at him not to touch.
The teen comes home after curfew, again. Her parents, worried sick for her safety,wait up for her. They ground her and take away privileges, to get her to understand the consequences of her behavior.
The young man is fired from his job because
of poor attendance and work performance.
He is broken, ashamed, and disillusioned.
In light of what has happened in his life,
he takes time to examine what he did
and how he got where he is at.
I ask again does pain serve a purpose?
As you can see by my examples above,
I believe there is a purpose to pain. I
believe pain can be useful for protecting,
correcting, and/or instructing us. In each
of the illustrations pain was used to bring
about a positive result. It was not enjoyable
for the recipient, but was intended for
their best in the long run.
But you say, this is all well and good and I
can agree that specific pain may serve a
purpose, but what about poverty,
starvation, war, etc.?
I ask you, What do you think, 
can the pain of poverty, starvation, war
have a purpose? What are your thoughts?

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Comment by Perry Walp on May 12, 2013 at 5:49pm

Thank you for your comment, yes we can learn from other's pain.

But, is there something to learn from general pain and suffering such as; starvation, poverty, war, injustice. etc.?

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