Our Story
Three Decades of Influence
Millions of Lives Impacted

KeepTheFaith, a luminary in positive, family friendly American entertainment, has been an epitome of innovation and inspiration for nearly three decades. Launched with the groundbreaking KeepTheFaith Music Collection, a 7-CD compilation, it marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in media and content creation. This collection, a pioneering venture at its inception nearly 30 years ago, was instrumental in catapulting Christian and Gospel music into mainstream consciousness via TV, airing more than 16,000 times on mainstream TV and Cable networks.

The success of this CD collection was phenomenal, achieving both GOLD and PLATINUM certifications from the RIAA, a testament to its widespread appeal and impact. This feat rendered it one of the most successful releases in the history of Gospel and contemporary Christian music, setting a precedent for future endeavors in this genre.

Expanding The Brand

Under the visionary leadership of nine-time Emmy winner David Sams, who is credited with launching iconic TV shows like “Wheel of Fortune,” “Jeopardy!,” and “Oprah,” for King World, KeepTheFaith has evolved into “The Home of Contagious Encouragement.” This brand ethos, focusing on ‘felt need’ programming, combines inspiring stories with perfectly matched songs, offering solace, motivation, and a sense of community to its audience.

The KeepTheFaith Radio network, an expansive venture led by Sams, along with broadcast industry vets Joe Battaglia, John Frost, and Denise Payne, encompasses nearly 150,000 cumulative hours of programming annually. Broadcast on hundreds of stations across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia, the network features guest hosts like Kathie Lee Gifford, Jennifer Garner, Octavia Spencer, Dennis Quaid and others, enhancing its appeal and reach.

Making Encouragement Contagious

The annual KeepTheFaith Christmas Marathon, a highlight of the brand’s calendar, dominates the airwaves every Christmas on Country, AC, and Christian stations. It stands as the highest-rated marathon special, blending festive music with heartwarming stories in the spirit of the holiday season.

KeepTheFaith’s impact has also extended to television with the TOP 7 Countdown and other programs, merging music with life-relevant themes. The brand’s digital presence through KeepTheFaith.com and the CONTAGIOUS INFLUENCERS podcast, featured on the iHeart Radio platform, further amplifies its reach, bringing together influential figures across various spheres.

From its inception with the revolutionary CD collection to its current prominence in radio, streaming, and digital media, KeepTheFaith’s journey reflects its commitment to delivering content that not only entertains but also uplifts and unites, making it a stalwart of encouragement and positivity in the entertainment industry.

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